Documentación de Brancam

Basic concepts

What is Brancam? 

Brancam is a tool that lets you create and maintain a website easily. It can be used by anyone with basic computer skills and is accustomed to surfing the Internet. Despite this ease of use, this guide aims to accelerate the learning process and help you get the most out of it. 

Brancam can basically create pages, sort hierarchically and fill content. 

The pages are arranged as a tree

To facilitate access to information, the pages are arranged in a tree format, where the home page would be the trunk and main sections of the web would be the first branches. Each branch therefore is a specific page and it can be divided into smaller branches, which will be sub-sections of the webpage, and so on. 

In addition to this tree metaphor, in this manual you will see we adopt the same method. The pages that are created from a principal page are the daughters. Vice versa, if this page is the father ( or mother ) of those pages. Thus, a web can also be seen as a family tree, in which the home page would be the first generation.

Pages, which contain elements

You can put content on every page: text, images, downloadable files , maps, etc. To ease this task, Brancam works with elements, which are blocks of independent content that you can order, as you prefer.

Crea, gestiona y difunde. Haz crecer tu web.

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