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Configure PayPal Account

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When we are installing the online shop modules to Brancam, we have three possibilities of payment options:bank transfer , credit card payment (service that we contract with our bank ) or accept payments with PayPal.

How to set-up your PayPal Account

What de we need?

  • A user registered with PayPal in order to receive payments , such as a " business account " . You follow the steps to have it confirmed in form and add a bank account ( and confirm ) to spend money from PayPal to our account.
  • Modules installed in your store branches (you can get in touch with us to add this service)
  • Some products available in branches
  • A registered user branches

Step 1: Create a password for the API

1.1. We entered our user on where we will receive the payments.

1.2. Accessing the Solution Configurations of payment. This can be found in the menu My account > Profile > More Options. And once inside, to find the navigation on the left: Options sale. From the list of options , visit: Access API.

1.3. From here we can apply the API credentials, or have them created once and consult them. We click on the option: Request API credentials.

1.4. We must choose between a signature or a certificate of API. In the case of branches, we need to generate a signature. We chose the option choose an API signature and click okey and send.

1.5. Note that data out below. You will need: Name of the uses, API password and signature.

Step 2: Set up Brancam

2.1 Access the Brancam with the user name of the administrator

2.2 Go to the option: Shop > Configure the administrators menu

2.3 Go the the payment options menu

2.4 Fill in the PayPal information which you have previously created

- usrname

- password

- signature

- choose the option activate method

2.5 Click on the modify button to save the information and you have the payment method configurated ready to use.

Step 3: Functioning

Finally it is important to test the operation. We complete a purchase process to see that everything works correctly: put a product on the cart, click to checkout and follow the steps to make the payment.  To test its performance, we suggest you create a product with the price of 0.01 € for example, so you can test the system without a high cost.

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